Porsche’s New GT3 RSR Takes the 911 Platform to its Limits

Porsche’s iconic 911 has been one of the few remaining automotive staples over the past 50 years. People have raced them, traveled in them and ultimately, fallen in love with this amazing sports car. Even though over the years countless auto tuners have boosted the 911’s performance, nothing came close to the magic you could experience in a factory-prepped Porsche racecar.

Porsche currently competes in most classes of sports car racing, but primarilly focuses its factory racing efforts at the top of the racing ladder. Porsche’s awesome 911 GT3 has dominated the GT2 class (the premier class in production-based sports car racing) for many years now. Still, if you wanted the real deal, the real racecar, there was only one choice and it came with three little letters, R-S-R.


Porsche’s 911 GT3 RSR was the real deal. A proper factory-prepared racecar with an unarguable racing pedigree and the newest model is no exception. The car wears substantial aerodynamic tweaks and is lighter and wider. The extra width comes courtesy of flared wheel arches which are neccessary to acomodate the serious race rubber this car requires. Built in air-jacks help change out said rubber in a hurry.

Provisions are even made for a racing A/C system, presumably to keep drivers comfortable in the grueling endurance races these cars will compete in.

Now let’s get to the meat of it, shall we? The 911 GT3 RSR has a naturally-aspirated 4.0-liter six-cylinder boxer engine in the best of Porsche tradition. In the RSR, it generates 450-hp at 7,800rpms and 317ft-lbs of torque at 7,250rpm, respectively. More than enough power, seeing as last year’s car made a bit more power than this year, and it’s slower around the same given racetrack. Now that’s an acomplishment!

Want one? Remember, I said this was a factory racecar. You can actually buy one! The 911 GT3 RSR is so popular because it’s accessible to regular people, not just race teams. Any average guy or gal can buy one of these cars, get their racing license, and go racing.  All you’ve got to do is hand over a cool 380,000 euros to the boys in Stuttgart.

Source: AutoBlog

Photo: Porsche AG