Spy Shots! Ford Fans Catch a Possible Taurus SHO in Testing


Ford Taurus fans are an interesting bunch. Able to find enjoyment in even the most mundane of sedans, this crowd is not what you’d call the “performance enthusiast” type. Unless the particular type of Taurus they drive has the letters SHO on the back of it. Then, you might just be looking at some sort of performance enthusiast.

That’s because the SHO Taurus was built with speed in mind. These were okay cars at best. The best mode is actually the original one which sported a sporty Yamaha-designed V6 engine, a proper manual and rear-wheel drive. Still, it was no BMW M3. Either way, the cars have been able to establish a small following.

One site that is still up and running in honor of the hot Taurus is One of the site’s members recently uploaded some pictures he got while he was in a remote part of Florida. What he captured was two barely camouflaged 2009 Ford Taurus cars with factory-looking 19” wheels and bigger exhausts. On one of the car’s trunk lid there was a small covered badge. Could it be the long-awaited SHO?

Ford is trying to boost the image of Taurus here in the United States. The new 355-hp EcoBoost 3.5-liter turbo V6 is already installed in the Taurus’ sister car, the Lincoln MKS. A little more boost could see a healthy 375-hp from the Taurus SHO’s powerplant. Expect a flappy-paddle semi-auto gearbox too, and maybe AWD if it happens.

While no word from Ford officially comfirms the SHO is even a reality, it remains a strong possibility. From a business point of view, it could be achieved with little outlay. Maybe a boost in performance is just what the Taurus needs to boost its image.


Could this be Ford’s newest fast Taurus? No one knows fo’ SHO.

Source: AutoBlog