Richie Incognito Smashes Ferrari With a Bat

Richie Incognito decided to “vent” a bit. While some of us vent by yelling at people in traffic or maybe a few hits on a punching bag, Richie Incognito vents by breaking a baseball bat on the front of his new Ferrari FF. Incognito bought the Ferrari FF in November, what he says was the happiest day of his life, and now only a few months later he’s preparing to get rid of the sports car. Incognito says he will sell the car and donate the proceeds to charity.

"The happiest day of my life was when I got that car and now the second happiest day will be when I donate it,” Incognito told Fox 10 News in Phoenix.

Incognito bought the Ferrari FF for himself after he was fired by the Miami Dolphins following a bullying scandal. The $300,000 sports car must not have lived up to Incognito’s expectations because he smashed the hood and front grill with a bat before the bat itself broke.


Images via TMZ.