San Fran Labor Day Deals Show What’s Hot and What’s in Stock for This Month’s Market

As many auto analyst firms report special deals and offers for the Labor Day weekend, another online car company is going a step further, targeting the San Francisco area as an example of one of the locations where big inventory and low prices are generating quite a bit of consumer attention. A website called Chug, which bills itself as an automotive search engine, is providing consumers with a list of vehicles that are overabundant in San Francisco and around the bay area. Chug is not the only firm saying that Labor Day is the time to buy, with special deals expiring throughout September, and valuable 2011 inventory giving way to newer and higher priced 2012 models, but this source is specifying just how much inventory some San Francisco dealers have on hand, and why that might be good for buyers. The Chug site gets its data from over forty thousand dealers all over the country, and presents this information to those who might be looking for a little guidance when they browse new or used vehicle offers.

So what’s on Chug’s list? the Toyota Prius tops this report with over 200% “oversupply,” indicating quite a change from earlier in this year when these new cars were scarce due to issues with supply chains. Chug also cites the Subaru Forester, Ford F-150 and Ford Focus as vehicles hovering around 150% oversupply. According to Chug, there’s also a glut of cars like the Volkswagen GTI and Chrysler 300, not to mention the rip-roaring Dodge Challenger that’s becoming a common sight on American roads. Bay area lots also have a slew of some BMW models and SUVs like the Ford Explorer, as well as other rides like the Kia Optima and Volkswagen Jetta, a car that’s getting attention as VW ramps up production in its new Tennessee plant. Chug also references the Nissan Altima, a car that’s supposed to be a good discount choice all over the country, with other sources detailing current financing offers and discounts below MSRP for this classic choice; some of the S60 and S80 models from Swedish auto maker Volvo are also cited.

From some of America’s favorite domestic vehicles, to new models offered by a range of foreign auto makers, many of today’s cars, trucks and SUVs are available at Labor Day prices in dealer’s lots around the U.S., so take a look near you and see what’s on offer to pick up a new car or truck before fall.