Suzuki America Crunches August Numbers

Just ahead of Labor Day weekend, Suzuki America is presenting its numbers for August, and the numbers look good. With overall sales up 39% from August 2010, Suzuki is enjoying an eleventh consecutive year-over-year increase and gaining visibility in a competitive market.

Meanwhile, major news outlets are reporting big gains for domestic carmakers like Ford and Chevrolet, as well as Chrysler, and not so good sales figures for many foreign automakers, most notably, Japanese companies Toyota and Honda. But as a dark horse contender with a much smaller sales base, Suzuki seems to be doing quite well. The biggest seller on the American market is the Suzuki SX4, the company’s competitive crossover vehicle with road cache to match its exotic grille ornament. Other vehicles selling in North America include the Grand Vitara and Kizashi vehicles: Suzuki cites nearly 500 units sold in August for the Grand Vitara, a roomy SUV, and over 500 sales for the Suzuki Kizashi, a sporty sedan that was newly revised for the model year.

Although many Labor Day car customers are looking for special seasonal deals from larger and more established car companies, buyers can also look for some unique pricing and financing offers from Suzuki as they consider a fall auto deal. This includes 0% financing offers: Motortrend suggests Suzuki is willing to offer 0% for up to 48 months on its 2011 SX4, Grand Vitara and Equator vehicles, as well as the Kizashi. Other special offers from Suzuki include a grab bag of cash incentives, with rebates of up to $1250 for the SX4 and Grand Vitara, and up to $1000 for the 2011 Kizashi. These deals, like all others that you will encounter on your local dealer’s lot, are subject to local factors like dealer invoice, as well as arrangements between participating dealerships and manufacturers. Be aware of some of the major offers in your area before you go to the lot to negotiate the lowest possible final transaction price and best financing agreements for your desired purchase.