Shaq Gets Truck Booted, Gets Out Of Ticket by Choking Meter Maid

Shaquille O’Neil’s Dodge Ram 1500 was booted earlier this week in Atlanta when he let his parking meter expire. Shaq could faced a $75 fine, but thanks to his fame he got off on that fine by putting the boot man in a video for his Instagram (and whatever he got paid by TMZ for the story, which had to be more than $75.



The video, rehosted by TMZ, shows Spence Beck of ABS Booting removing the boots before Shaq chokes him. That might seem like an extreme reaction to the situation, but TMZ claims Shaq’s Ram 1500 was booted for an expired meter, so it’s hard to blame him for it.

Shaq tried to claim he was a U.S. Marshall in order to get out of the ticket, which is a hilarious attempt to use his honorary title to get out of trouble. That’s like trying to claim your honorary doctorate allows you to prescribe drugs, so the police can’t arrest you for those pills. Ok so it’s not that bad, and you really can’t fault him for using every tool at his disposal to try to get out of a ridiculous situation like that (Really Atlanta? Booting cars for not paying meters is absolutely silly).




Image via TMZ.