The Cars of Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy revolves around the adventures of a motorcycle club, so most of the time the characters travel on two wheels. When they need little things like a roof over their head or seating for three or more people though, the Sons of Anarchy crew does drive cars.

Sons of Anarchy Queenpin Gemma Teller Morrow doesn’t spend much time on the back of a bike. Instead she rides in style in a Cadillac XLR-V. The 443-horsepower XLR-V is about as ostentatious as you can get in an American made car, it cost over $100,000 when it was on sale in from 2006-2009.

One of the great contrasts of the first season of Sons of Anarchy was how badly Opie and his family lived compared to Gemma. Fresh out of prison, Opie drove a 1981 Dodge Power Ram and his wife’s car was in danger of being repossessed.

The Sons of Anarchy’s greatest foe was Deputy Chief of the local police David Hale. Hale drove a 1976 Ford Bronco.


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