The Jonas Brothers’ Cars

The Jonas Brothers have announced that they are breaking up the band and going their separate ways musically. As the three Jonas Brothers drive off into three different horizons, they’ll be driving off in style.

Nick Jonas has a definite love of muscle cars. Nick Jonas’ coolest car is his 1968 Ford Mustang coupe.

Nick Jonas also owns a new Chevy Camaro convertible. It’s probably faster than his Mustang (if the Mustang is stock anyway, the most powerful engine in the 1968 Mustang was the 335-horsepower 428 Cobra Jet, which is impressive but probably not enough to keep up with a 426-HP Camaro).

Not content to have just two of the big three’s muscle cars, Nick Jonas also owns a Dodge Challenger convertible.

Kevin Jonas fits in a bit better in Hollywood with his Mercedes-Benz G500.

Joe Jonas has the flashiest taste of the Jonas Brothers, he has an all electric Fisker Karma.

Joe Jonas also drives an Audi R8 V10, for those times he needs to go fast but can’t deal with the long recharge times of the Karma.

Joe Jonas also has a Mercedes-Benz G500.



Images via Celebrity Cars Blog.