Volkswagen Does Well in U.S. Sales

Figures for the first half of this year show Volkswagen improving its North American auto sales. New reports from the manufacturer show that VW vehicles sold well worldwide from January to June of 2011, with over 230,000 vehicles sold in North America.

As Volkswagen continues to establish its new U.S. plant, producing passenger vehicles like the Volkswagen Jetta and the Passat, it seems many U.S. customers are considering a move to the German design of these vehicles. Part of what propels VW sales is the diesel engine; for a long time, VW was practically the only auto maker offering Americans the option of gassing up on the other side of the pump and going further with each fill-up.

Customers who are afraid to buy Volkswagen cars typically have two questions. The first one is “where will I get my vehicle fixed?” It’s true that if you don’t want to go to the dealership for repairs, you have a hard time finding someone to work on your Jetta or other VW, depending on where you live. The second question, though, is solvable. Many prospective Volkswagen buyers worry about where they will get financing, which may not be as immediately accessible as it is for Ford or Chevrolet vehicles where customers can deal directly with captive auto finance companies. But if you want one of these renowned vehicles, you have options: third party lenders will help you to qualify to drive away in a great car for set interest rates. These agreements are sometimes called “blank check” auto financing, and they do away with the annoyance of having the local dealer stand in as a middleman. You can go to your bank, or a local credit union, or even take advantage of blank check auto lending programs from big lenders like Capital One, which offers blank check auto loans starting at 3-4%. Contrast this with the rates that some dealers want, and you can see how going with a third party lender can save the financing buyer tons of money. Shop around to different lenders, doing the paperwork for pre-approval, and you will be holding the right cards when you visit local lots. Remember, it’s in your interest to drive a hard deal in a market where decreased supply has caused some price increases for many new and used vehicles.