Toyota Will Sell Scion iQ EV Electric Car in 2012

This month, a flurry of reports shows top auto maker Toyota announcing an official 2012 launch date for its 2012 Scion iQ EV, an electric car to rival the likes of the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt and Ford Focus Electric. Car critics are paying a lot of attention to this rollout to see how Toyota, a company that holds an enviable position in hybrid sales with the Prius line, will approach the all-electric car market. For those who had been asking why Toyota didn’t act as quickly on plug-ins as it did on hybrids, next year should generate some answers. Overall, it’s probably not too late for Toyota, or any other auto maker, to jump into the all-electric market. Most electric cars haven’t sold their 10,000th unit, and these vehicles are not yet in the mainstream by any stretch of the imagination. However, as technology improves, and gas prices continue to be an issue, we could see common infrastructure for plug-ins on our streets sooner rather than later.

Price estimates for the 2012 Toyota Scion iQ EV differ, with rumors of a price tag around $15,000. The Scion iQ EV is a compact vehicle with a “SmartCar” design: a rounded, snub hood and a small footprint overall. This new car will not lack in style: promo pictures show a distinctly modern interior design, and an efficient front end with the same stylized grill, headlights and other features that are common these days. Despite the fact that plug-ins are not yet “consumer cars,” some with an interest in new technologies are looking forward to seeing Toyota’s take on the all-electric car on display in American showrooms.

The news on this version of the Scion iQ comes as other Toyota models are commanding top prices on the market. Toyota cars that are selling are selling big: from the Prius to more mundane models like the Camry and Corolla, top auto authorities have the numbers on how blue book prices are spiking as much as 30%, making it hard to get one of these cars at an affordable price. Use the best pricing research you can, along with knowledge of your financing options, to drive a bargain on a Toyota buy this year.