Arnold Schwarzenegger is Back To Driving Hummers

Former California Governor and beloved homicidal cyborg Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a fan of the ultra-manly Hummers since before the luxurious and easier to drive frou-frou Hummer H2 ever went on sale. So now that Schwarzenegger is not longer the governor of California and he can drive anything he wants, he’s back to charging through the streets of California in a monstrous Hummer H1.

Arnold’s Hummer is a slantback model painted in flat khaki paint just like the HMMVs used in desert storm that inspired his famous love of Hummers. Since Arnold is awesome, his hummer also has “TERMINATOR” written on the side, paying homage to his most famous movie role.

Arnold knows not everyone can handle a 8,000-lb, 7 foot wide monster of a truck like the Hummer, so he bought his son a Jeep Wrangler, which has the same brawny looks in a more manageable size.



Images via Celebrity Cars Blog.