Buyers Who Returned a GM Vehicle Will Get a Phone Call From GM Global VP to Find Out Why

If you’re one of the 200 car buyers who returned their General Motors vehicle during the automaker’s 60-day satisfaction guarantee promotion, your phone may be ringing soon.

GM’s vice president for global engineering Mark Reuss will be calling those customers who bought a GM vehicle and then returned it, the Detroit Free Press reports. He’ll be following up with them to find out exactly why they chose to bring back the vehicle, which will give GM incredible feedback on its products.

Only 200 of the 220,000 consumers who purchased a vehicle under the incentive returned the car and only about 20 buyers said they won’t move into some other GM vehicle.

“This is about as direct and unfiltered feedback as we’ve ever done,” Reuss said. “It feels pretty good.”

“Reliability has been the Achilles’ heel of GM for my entire career. It gets down to an individual engineer’s ability to find a problem and leadership’s ability to fix it. We have to reinvigorate ourselves around what makes vehicles reliable and valuable to customers.”

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GM executives want to know the reasons people returned their GM vehicle during the automaker’s 60-day satisfaction guarantee promotion. They’re going right to the source and calling these consumers directly to get their feedback.