Chris Brown’s Lambo Gets a New Paint Job

Chris Brown is out of jail and ready to celebrate and be noticed. It’s hard to be noticed when you’re driving through a town filled with Nike Foamposite sneakers when your car is painted just like one, so obviously Chris needed a new paint job on his Lamborghini Aventador. JC Customs, the same shop that did the paint on the camo Lambo last year, just painted it baby blue for Chris Brown.


Sneak peek of my bro @chrisbrownofficial Lamborghini Aventador!!! (Stay posted) #JCCUSTOMZ JC Customs’ Instagram

Just finished the homie @chrisbrownofficial aventador what you guys think!? – JC Customs’ Instagram

The homie @khriz_jc just hook up my aventador!! Follow him for some dope paint jobs!! #jccustomz @wackstar Chris Brown’s Instagram