Jermaine Kearse Drives a GMC Terrain

Jermaine Kearse is a wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, the reigning world champions and undeniably the best team in the NFL. Holding one of the most important offensive jobs on the best team in the NFL is hard work so when Jermaine Kearse gets done working,what do you think he drives home in? A Bentley? An Escalade? A Mercedes G-Class? Nope, he takes a page out of Miami player Jared Odrick’s book and drives something a bit more approachable, a GMC Envoy.

Whip game proper #GMC #Terrain #2012 #Suv

The Envoy is a great SUV with big-rig styling and a comfortable interior (heated seats are available, so you can toast your rump on those chilly Seattle mornings). And as a bonus, we probably won’t see Jermaine Kearse on any of those broke athlete specials if he keeps buying cars he can easily afford.

And if he does go broke and need to downgrade from the Envoy to something a little more humble? There’s always a scooter.

Oh you know just cruisin lol #bikerboy #cruisin #



Images via Jermaine Kearse’s Instagram