Ken Block’s Custom Ford Raptor Has Tank Treads for Wheels

Ken Block is famous in part for his awesome rally driving in Ford rally cars. So it’s not a surprise that when the Ford team driver needs more ground clearance he switches to a Ford Raptor. What is surprising is that Ken Block has fitted tank style treads to each of the four wheels of the Raptor. He calls it RaptorTRAX and it looks to be the coolest snowmobile ever.

Ken Block posted these pictures to Instagram of his Raptor with tank treads:

My Ford F-150 #RaptorTRAX behind the @HooniganRacing headquarters, all cleaned up and ready to roll out for its next awesome mountain adventure. #readyforAWSM #freshtrax

Another shot from yesterday in the @HooniganRacing headquarters shop area. It’s hard not to smile when I walk back there and see these amazing Ford vehicles being prepped for their next events. #FordFiestaST #RaptorTRAX #FordRaptor #HRD_HQ

My Ford F-150 #RaptorTRAX is still evolving on its mission to be the coolest and fastest backcountry vehicle ever – even down to details like these custom headlights by Raptor Retrofit. Peep my #BlockSkull on the corner indicator – very dope! #itsallinthedetails