Kanye West’s Murdered Out Lamborghini Aventador Crashed Into By A Door

Kanye’s murdered out Lamborghini Aventador was crashed into by Kim Kardashian’s front door.  Apparently Kanye’s Aventador was being delivered to Kim’s house after being serviced (when you can afford an Aventador, you don’t have to read old Car & Driver magazines in the waiting room while your oil gets changed) when the gate to her house closed on it, scratching the flat black paint job.

The damage isn’t much, but Kanye might be wishing he had used plastidip to murder his Aventador out, that way he could just spray a little bit out of the rattle can and the damage would be fixed.  Or he could take this opportunity to paint it gold like the Aventador he and Kim rented in Miami.

Kanye used to have an Aston Martin DB9.  It’s hard to trade up from a DB9, but the Aventador is one of the few vehicles that count as an upgrade.

The Lamborghini Aventador is a $387,000 sports car with a V12 engine that makes 690-horsepower and has a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds.  If Kanye had financed his Lamborghini for 36 months with a 5% interest rate, he’d have monthly payments of $11,598.  That’s a Nissan Versa every month. 


Source: TMZ