The Greatest Cash Back Rebate Ever: Maybach offers $100,000 Back.


The ultra luxury brand Maybach will close its metaphorical doors this year, to be replaced by the Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman.  Before Maybach once again closes down (the company originally built cars from 1921 to 1940, and didn’t resumed production after World War II until the Mercedes-Owned cars debuted in 2002), the company will be offering $1,000 cash back on both the Maybach Type 57 and Type 62.  Since the Maybach Type 57 starts at $376,000, it still isn’t a budget buy, but a cash back rebate equal to 1/4 the price of the car is unheard of.

The Maybach brand has never turned a profit for a single year since its 2002 debut, despite love from Samuel L. Jackson and Lebron James.  Floyd Mayweather once defaulted on a loan for his Maybach, proving that even being the best boxer in the world (Pacquiao is ducking him, and to believe anything else is naïve) doesn’t mean you can afford one.  Kanye West loves Maybachs and he, along with Jay-Z, famously hacked one up into a Mad Max style art car for the Otis video.

We love cash back rebates at Auto Loan Daily, they can represent a huge savings for customers, especially those that don’t qualify for factory financing deals, pay cash for their new car, or finance using third party loans.  Cash back rebates can also be used as an incentive for other vehicles.  When the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid was priced the same as the normal gasoline model it made headlines.  Lincoln quietly offered $3,000 off the price of the non-hybrid MKZ at the same time.

Source: AOL Autos.

Image via AOL Autos.