Chris Brown Painted Monsters on His Porsche Panamera

Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Karrueche Tran doesn’t seem to appreciate the graffiti paint job Brown’s Porsche just got.

Chris Brown has covered his Porsche Panamera with graffiti monsters. Chris Brown’s graffiti monsters have become his calling card, so much so that he painted the walls of JC Customz with them after they customized his Gallardo. The monsters were also on the outside walls of Chris Borwn’s home for a while, but neighbors complained so Brown painted over them.

Chris Brown is a creative guy, and gets really creative with cars like his Hot Wheels Lamborghini that replaced his murdered out Porsche 911, and was then painted in camouflage to match a Nike shoe. He also has a blacked out Range Rover with a body kit. Those custom cars don’t really hold a candle to taking a can of spray paint to a $141,000 car (if it’s a Turbo, and given Chris’ car history, he probably bought the fastest one)and doodle away.


Source: Celebrity Cars Blog