Popular Leased Vehicles May Not be Great Deals

As the credit crunch started to affect more consumers, the criteria for leasing a vehicle changed.  Currently, if you want to lease your next car, experts say you should have a prime credit score (700-720 and higher).  If you have bad credit, leasing may not be an option for you.

“Consumer interest in leasing during this challenging financial market remains strong,” says Tarry Shebesta, president of Automobile Consumer Services, Inc.
For those in the market to lease, ACS has released its list of the top 10 most requested vehicles from its leasing Web site,  The data was collected during the second half of 2008 from more than two million lease quote requests.
“As gas prices fell in the fourth quarter, interest in the Toyota Prius and other fuel efficient models has faded,” Shebesta says.  “Quote requests for Audi’s new A4 redesign and the hot selling A5s and S5s show that consumers are not ready to give up their ‘fun to drive’ vehicles.”
As you’ll see below, these top requested cars are also some of the most popular models, so don’t expect there to be a lot of leasing incentives and discounts.
Top 10 Most Requested New Models at
1. Honda Accord
2. Audi A4
3. Mini Cooper
4. Honda Civic (h)
5. Toyota Camry (h)
6. BMW M3
7. Nissan Altima (h)
8. Audi S5
9. Audi A5
10. Chevrolet Corvette
Top 10 Most Requested Used Models at
1. Chevrolet Corvette
2. Porsche 911
3. Honda Civic (h)
4. Infiniti G35
5. Land Rover Range Rover
6. Mini Cooper
7. Lamborghini Gallardo
8. Honda Accord (h)
9. Audi A4
10. Ford Mustang
(h) = hybrid model also available