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Bankruptcies, massive layoffs and dealership closings are just a few of the major automotive news stories of 2009. We saw automakers discontinue brands, close factories and put a lot of people out of work.

We went through our numbers to find out which news stories you read the most on in 2009. Chrysler’s financial troubles helped the automaker make our list four times.

Our coverage of the effects a dealership closing would have on an entire community was our most read story of 2009. The widespread impact this had on many towns and cities across the U.S. was profound. It’s no surprise it was the most popular news story on this past year.

Other popular stories on our site in 2009 were auto loan-related, of course. The stories helped readers figure out what to do if their car loan is upside down and what to do if they lose their job and can no longer make their auto loan payment.

The rest of the stories that made our list included incentives, new car launches and credit advice. Click on each story title to go directly to that story.

  1. GM and Chrysler are Closing Dealerships, But How Does it Affect You?
  2. Can’t Make Your Car Payment? Just WALKAWAY
  3. Tata Nano, World’s Cheapest Car, to Launch March 23
  4. Chrysler Offers up to $6,000 of Incentives to Lure Car Shoppers
  5. Cash Rebates Can Help Pay Off Current Upside-Down Car Loan
  6. Chrysler Dealers Offer Liquidation Sales Even at Dealers That Aren’t Closing
  7. Chrysler Closing Dealers Means Amazing Deals For Car Shoppers
  8. Buy a Car on Black Friday and You Could Find the Best Deals of the Year
  9. Bad Credit? Here’s What to Expect During the Auto Loan Process
  10. VantageScore – The Credit Score You Don’t Know, But Should

closed Chevrolet dealership

The closing of GM and Chrysler dealerships across the country and how it affects consumers and the local community was the most read news story on in 2009.


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